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  1. If bad credit is stopping you from being approved for a home shopping catalogue then it's a good thing that you've found this website. Here, we will show you what it takes (and it's really not that much) to get accepted by one of major UK shopping catalogues regardless of your bad credit history.
  2. Maybe you've already applied with one of the companies shown here, but have been rejected on account on your bad credit rating. Some companies, like Very, ISME and others have very strict bad credit policies and don't accept people whose credit score is low. Don't worry, there are plenty of U.K. online shopping catalogue companies that accept people with bad credit.
  3. Although getting rejected like this is frustrating, you need to understand it from the perspective of these companies. When they see that your credit history is filled with late payments, they immediately have an image of someone who doesn't repay his or her financial obligations. And, since catalogue companies are in the business of selling things they want a customer for whom they are certain that he can make payments. That is, someone with pristine credit score.
  4. Are your catalogue shopping days over before they even started? Of course not. There are plenty of home shopping catalogues out there that will accept you even if your credit rating is very low. But first, there's a catch.

It's Going to Cost You

  1. Although they run a very helpful business, bad credit catalogue companies are not charity institutions. They still want to make money. So, since you are a financial risk and they can never be sure when will be able to pay for something and when not, they will charge you more for the bought goods.
  2. When it comes to catalogue shopping, someone with a healthy credit score will always be in advantage when purchasing on it. Simply put, you have to pay more for the items you choose than that person.
  3. It's a little bit unfair, I understand, but bad credit online catalogue companies are effectively taking advantage of your limited options by commanding a higher price. Really the best thing that you can do is take a deep breath, bite your tongue and use their services. Until that time, of course, that you have managed to fix your credit score.
  4. Having low credit score can be a big problem when you need to buy something. However, whether it's catalogue shopping you or contract phones with bad credit that you are looking for, your mind can be easy with the knowledge that guides like Pennine Catalogues are always available to help you in your search.
  5. But don't worry, not all online catalogue shopping companies that accept people with bad credit are there to take advantage of your problem. In fact, most of them are quite okay and genuinely want to help people who have bad credit score or have no credit history at all.
  6. So, if you want to learn more about how to reach these companies, take a look around this website.